Bug Tracking Design Data Management


IC Design verification continues to take up a majority of the design effort in a project. The effort is further complicated by the fact that design and verifications teams can be composed of many groups dispersed through local and global organizations. It is critical that members of a project be aware of a bug's existence and status. A recent poll showed tracking and fixing bugs as the top reason to use Design Data Management. An ideal bug tracking and management system integrates bug tracking within design management with revision control to provide defect traceability to the entire team throughout the design process. This approach will reduce the overall verification effort and help guarantee that bugs do not make their way into the final chip, plus prevent them from appearing in derivative designs. 

Topics Covered:

1. Bug Tracking Challenges and Work Flow

2. File-based and Change-based Design Data Management

3. Bug Management Using Traditional File-based Design Data Management Systems

4. Bug Tracking with Change-based Design Data Management

5. Bug Tracking Procedures within Design Data Management

6. Bug Containment and IP Reuse


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